Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Song For Anna

by Matthew Patterson

When first we lay together
You were more lovely than I could have said
As we shared our words and our bodies in the dark
Learning a new language
And casting the old one aside, you and I
Overwhelming one another
The welcome deluge
Kissing each other's hurts with lips bruised
From holding back the words  of love too long
Our first, our celebration, our lives
And now where have you gone?
To the shades of evening where I look for you
To the dust where I write your name
To the hours of the night that have always known you
To your hiding place within my heart that I keep
For even now you must know that you are mine
In the ways that no barriers can contain
In the ways that endings cannot be
And ahead the days of waiting
For the long nights and the spaces between
To hear you when you call me
To find reunion in your arms
To live and wait with words is all we have
And that is enough for now

Added: 28.03.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Interest is sustained in poetic ways, well used repetitions. I would have found the meaning easier with some full stops.


Beautiful love poem - profound - one that we can all identify with - beautiful imagery - simple words yet very appealing. Enjoyed v much.


Terribly pretty and moving. :)


Some amazingly, hauntingly, beautiful language.


Best poem by far I have read as yet