Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Finding the Seat of Consciousness

by Adam Anthony

          Fear Strength Sleep
The tiger, burning, prowls;
Furtive, the tree prowls;
The snake prowls, waiting
For fear to fill its nostrils
And grip its chest.
And all moves at once. Allmovesasone,
Tiger, Tree and Time,
The unseen pounce is heard -
Whispered warnings save the lucky;
But one’s luck is another’s loss.
          Flee Predate, Infect.
Slipping sinuously between hanging boughs
Like twisting whips giving the chased
Spur and spurring the Chaste,
The tiger tempts the victim;
From his subtle tongue and teeth
Silent sounds of stealth call out,
To secure in a snap, the squirming innocent;
The end of sweet whispers
And the start of Man’s soliloquy,
As glistening lips and teeth wrap around the red
And bite down. (Bringing death unto the apple)
          Fall Fight. Awake.
The bite is taken, the damage done,
Prey and Poacher cannot run.
Naked, they search with good and evil,
For somewhere set with laws and steeples,
Where serpents tempt their Mother not;
Yet devils rock her babies’ cots,
And long utensils frame the grapes
Which high above their mouths do gape.
Covered, “Do you love me?” they cry.
Newborn into faith and myrrh, comes the reply-
They crossed him, pleas unheard.
          Talaaq! Talaaq! Talaaq!
Now there’s silence.
Nothing moves at once. All moves as One.
And from fallen fathers flee His children,
Stolen futures see no light,
For one decision; one fatal flaw; for self.
          The tiger eats no fruit.

Added: 29.03.2011