Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by katie brown

I can see my whole life from here,
The charcoal outline of the trees,
The faded shading of lines beneath his eyes.
Four different shades of blue are reflected in eyes that long to be brown.
The deepest water looks black at night until the stars are shown.
The deepest fret creeps through his smile but oh to make him laugh,
Accomplishment knows nothing of the pride that I could have.

Safe silent sepia memories, I’m held looking down.
Drawn close to a heart beat I sleep so sound.

Woken by the voices of familiarity asking nothing but of my company.
Circled but not threatened joining in the noise
Its atmospheric stability and I know I’m here by choice.
In an altered state of mind real feelings get exposed,
Yet still hiding behind a veil of satire is the me that no one knows.

Curled up small, loud voices down stairs.
The smallest hands, the biggest prayers.

The orange entangled cloud lined remoteness
With a sun not bright enough to beam
Leaves a feeling of unimportance
And room enough just to dream
The distant accumulation of foreboding mist, it stays still
And it hides nothing from me. I know what lies in the recess.

Shadows moving across the ceiling
My own thoughts haunting or wanting.

A glow over the lands silhouette
Fading light like lingering regret
The patchwork pattern of changing emotions
Growing past my problems and wanting him to hold me
Sitting sideless something soothing I’m content sometimes alone
Once I’m walking pathways moving I can find my own way home


Added: 30.03.2011