Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by aleah leigh lockwood

A dying out cry that screams with in your soul
Feeling guilty in knowing the word you only needed was no
Wanting something that was never there to be
Finding your happiness in a dusty vile seat
Every inhalation breathed inhaled in taking justice
In your mind belief
No light just faded past creeps in the glaze
Of the warrn isolated sight to yet meet
The palms of touch the adrenalin seeps
On my knee praying my soul to speck
To take note of my wrath that’s being unvalued 
Eyes closed to stand underneath this edge of reason
Hearing the sounds of that timeless life beneath
The wind striking as my movement makes heist
The past haunting my face, do I take this leap of faith
Or do I challenge this order
To evoke upon the sprit that lies with in
And change this fallow I walk on as land
In oats I may take to share make growth
Let bloom in to truths belonging to be heard
This shell may be thin but the summon with in
Is far past this moment in time only seen
Slowly out may she creep where rails will be lost
Revelation understanding reasoning meaning and belief
Taken to choice
Pressure realised
Eyes clear from the past passionate focus
Research recreate
Take this enchanting gift I give you
Use it with your fellow mind relating deep seat
Let you destiny be all in a belief
To show those who taunt you to that negative
Bated jalousie doubt in them self
Bring you down, Smile and see through
Because you are the one who is actually

Added: 31.03.2011