Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Beams of Burning White

by Karl Griffiths

Beams of
burning white
Climb across
your too
Swollen spheres
of plush green & grass.
Today’s not
just another
 Where the clock ticked drolely pass.
Denied I was,
the time with you;
The sand ran
fast, & through & through,
 the open wells of my teal glass.
I’m so unsure
& can’t find out,
underlying metaphor
 I die & shout, & ask what for?
You’re not
just “any girl” to me.
So would you
be considered “lucky”
To stand
with me?
If so then
come, sit & sing with me.
I swim in
swollen spheres,
Plush green,
& watered grass.
Scratch out
time & thought,
& you
are all I know, will pass.
A beam of burning
Died tonight.
 Over too swollen spheres of plush green, &
This day
wasn’t one where the clock,
Tick... tocked... slowly
Put your
hand in mine,
And I’ll
guide you through,
Protect you
with a learned body, mind,
 from the harsh hells of time.
We’ll run on
skylines forevermore.
It’ll be no
journey we’ve ever been on before.

Added: 01.04.2011