Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Love note to a dear friend

by Hilda Carere

Here he goes again, with euphemisms of Jack and Jill and how Barbie and Ken went out to play.
Meanwhile I sit by the banks of the DeGrey, taking in the beauty of the landscape,
as an old man strums his old guitar to a tune resembling a dirge.

My mind then carries me into a trance, 
 As I  leave on a jetplane  in search of  Locking castle
In search for him.

I finally arrive with anticipation,exhilaration and deliberation.
I collude with the lady at detention who at first accuses me of illegal entry.
My hidden demenour and fiery passion  for him, 
 allures her as she anticipates to hear about this love letter..
 I carry my bags  unaided,
I find a seat  in a tube train thinking of  whether we shall embrace or lock lips.
I arrive in Supermare which almost resembles a ghost town, 
a shiver chills my spine as the wind brushes against my face,
 and there he is waiting....

The old man concludes his  song
 as I take in the breeze of the DeGrey.

Added: 02.04.2011

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Like the atmosphere created in this poem