Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Rienzi Gokea

So here I was, sitting in the room.
A cacophony of thoughts bouncing around my head,
the pens scratching away,
the entire class expressing the most
intense feelings on their papers,
and I had nothing to write about.
And I’m sitting and cursing at myself
because I’m allowed to write about anything,
but I’m still unable to just put my pen down
and even begin. 
I even know that all I have to do is
 just write what I’m thinking
and that’ll get me going.
But still nothing happens.
That’s when all of a sudden it came to me.
Since I’m sitting here thinking nothing,
I decide to start writing about nothing.
And nothing starts to flow from my pen
and nothing fills the page.
But the page isn’t empty, its full of
From nothing, I move to naught,
and from naught, I move to zilch.
pretty soon I have lines and lines about nothing.
The teacher decides to call on me, of all people,
and asks me what I’ve written. 
So, I promptly respond, “nothing.”
Thinking I’m mocking her,
she also does something promptly:
send me to the principal’s office.
But things worked out
because, after all, I did nothing.
And here you are reading nothing that I’ve
written all about nothing.
Now isn’t that something?

Added: 04.04.2011