Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Katrina Miller

Azay le Azay
Le Rideau le Rideau
The elegance of the water gleaming at me
Grants me the vision of a place so unlike the earth that lies before me
Such an ecstasy that leads me into a
realm of existence
Far from the burdens of the imaginary
borders of to whom is life
Not i
Not here
Not now do I see the horrors and neglect
of the superficial binding
It is not this what holds those together
but the longing for existence when cease to continue
The vortex of fear and anxiety that
pulls us to the end of reality
Where there is no more to what we thought we knew but to what is not there
That is our demise
Our destiny
And our desire
Can there not be another who wishes to turn the hand dismissing that which is not seen?
There is not a further glance than that
which stops in a glimpse of water
For it does not shine so far away to
dishonor truth
It is always with you
And the day to it leaves your side will
be the shivering sunrise of the nights neverending
Continuous gloom and foreshadowing clues from the past, present but not future
Thus a time we must all encounter, for
there is no cure of such a fate not for any
Reality as is known will not stutter to this liking
Nor will it remain stolid in its volatile nature
Only through the gateways of the soul
will this truth transform its presence
Before the sun rises bleak in the silent
sky for you I must envision
 When the earth is placed beneath your rested feet at the sight where
Beauty is the virtue of existence and captivates every curve of your body
May the hollows of your physique receive the wave of delight of such a
Spirit profound
Renaissance de moi

Added: 04.04.2011