Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011



Strange thing, gingery and tall
Who never comes down when I call.
Whence came you?
Wild thing, pockmarked and verbose
One minute happy, the next morose.
Whence came you?
Mother, I came to you, born in love,
From a galaxy far above.
Through the ether from outer space
I came to join the human race.
I am that long-awaited child
At first well-loved, but now reviled.
Large one, untidy and uncouth
Who once was a friendly, happy youth.
What changed you?
Sad one, lazy and music-mad
What happened to the boy I had?
What changed you?
Mother, you fed me and I grew tall.
Nature dictates we can’t stay small.
Years passed by and hormones flowed.
Your little tadpole became a toad.
No longer sweet, and meek and mild
Yet still, your long-awaited child.
Wanted child, sweet toad of mine,
Forgive this mother for her crime.
In the grip of hormonal flux,
Sometimes this existence sucks.
I can identify with you.
I’m an inbetweeny too.
Menopausal/adolescent (anag) …. And all peace to us son,
                                                                                          Me.   x

Added: 04.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Clever - introduces teenager as an alien. Two discordant voices signifying the misunderstanding of two people at inbetween stages of life.


I love the virtual 'dialogue' going on here, so true to life. I also like the structure of the poem which makes it easily read.


Interesting use of two voices and like the title.


loved the poem but horrified to find that 'inbetweeny' is an English word - ugh! and I couldn't quite get on with the galaxy & ether


Humour and poignancy combine - a lovely poem


warm and honest in way lazy critics would label quirky. strong, healthy title.