Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Elizabeth Watson

Why did you leave me and our boys
in my Autumn and their Spring?
I did not notice your absence when you were with us
life comfortable and doing my thing.
Is she more beautiful that me and
her daughter a more appeasing child?
When you are with them – are you with
them all the time, do you still get riled?
When you left, you left your anger
in our house, to keep the control
When you go home, is it happy
in your house?  playing the joker, the fool!
Now a year has passed and a calm
is in my life and I found my girl self
Happy to be free, strong, looking forward
and once again back on the shelf.
Don’t come back, life now is calm and
We’re on an even keal
Our sons and I laugh - no longer
eggshell walking to how you feel.
Yet you beg, send flowers, money
And keep trying to crawl through a crack
But you need to know, life is good
And we don’t want you back!

Added: 04.04.2011