Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

As if the...

by Bernard Brooks

As if the polysyllabic sugared pill
As if the leather couch and knowing ear
As if the disputed, reframed thought
As if the wilting graveyard flowers
As if the slavered thong and garter
As if the tragi-comic cards and dice
As if the studied counting breaths
As if the stretching lion and mouse
As if the mis-spelt upturned glass
As if the gaping chants and drumming
As if the red fecund parting lips
As if the lithe tanned lying body
As if the kneeling ritual incantation
As if the swirling incense and the smoke
As if the sleek and shiny wheeled god
As if the perfect weight of bricks and glass
As if the twilight leaves around the cup
As if the dark destroying hips
As if the dawn in all its fallen glory
As if the thoughts of whats gone before
As if the thoughts of whats to come.
As if these could ever save us,
From where we are right now.

Added: 07.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Some poems can be rather vague and diffident, so the clarity and boldness of this one made it stand out for me.