Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Your Animal Default

by Debbie Jellings

This morning, while I’m having second dunk,
you lean down, freshly towel sloughed
with the simple grace of a fawn
to sniff the vapor rising from my cup
knowing, even before you look
that this dark brew just isn’t coffee.
In Albufeira last summer under a midnight
sky I watched your naked form swim
underwater lengths in the rooftop pool
outside allowed times. Your velvet, elastic
skin flexing and relaxing in silent increments
along the pools amniotic depths.
In your human world, hearing just a portion of sound,
you often get the wrong end of the stick
and can fly off the handle: as reactive as a feral cat.
But after love, and temporarily at peace, the two
cream lengths of us dewy and entwined, I’m a  
lioness, and you: the mate I fell for aggregate.

Added: 11.04.2011