Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

End of Times

by Ali Khan

is this is the end of times,
are we paying attention or acting blind
earthquales tremor, communitys washed away
dead babies, houses gone unlimitless pain,

Australia, Haiti, Japan, Libya who's next?
I thought killing don't prove anything, evidence of Saddams head,
Afganistan, Iraq, Palestine, now Ivory Coast
if people ain't getting killed they do it themselves with ropes,

Kids killing each other, kids having kids, is this our future?
I'm not strong enough to help, I was born a loser,
Everyone turning to religion but only one can be right,
Christians reject Muhummad & the Jewish reject Christ

Everyone in debt, even the ones driving the new car,
whats more peaceful, living with your family or by yourself on a farm
trouble here more coming,
the suns out but it feels like gloom not sunny

Recession, about to hit a double dip,
my supermarket bill now half the list,
from car to bus,
getting paid less but more government cuts

Life makes me feel like a robot,
throwing away a half eaten meal, while someone dies homeless
were ugly, stressed, depressed got sickness got court
we got big bellys but always want more

our debt is higher than our possessions, so wheres the sense
putting your faith in God is not enough to get out of this mess
politicians stealing my money, don't trust hospitals or police
we turn to alcohol, escorts or a bag of weed

life is a whirlpool of regret, a 70 year old with a tattoo
or a pornstar with aids, got a feeling this world will end soon
the cars we have are the only ones we could afford, not what we want
we married our 2nd choice, too much honesty, hope i dont get chased by the mob

Whether your white or black, atheist or hindu, short or fat
we got something bad to say, thats just sad
aint got nothing good to stay just stay quiet
keep your distance and I'll keep mine

Got to end this poem on a sweet note
what I have told you is what you have already known,
work hard, dont give up, after tough times we build patience
let that make you a better person or just join the freemasons.

Added: 12.04.2011