Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Queen of Bethnal Green

by Matt Dumas-Bowden

She is the Queen of Bethnal Green
Sipping skinny lattes in Hoxton
Square, it is the place for those Eastside
trendies to be seen

Shoreditch House for cocktails and new media gossip
Fields on a Sunny Sunday

She is the Queen of Bethnal Green
Art grads definitely part of her team
An air of self importance surrounds the twentysomethings of east two
Up in Dalston it is painfully uber cool too
Twitter this and Twitter that
Out west for an evening drinking chardonnay with Melanie Blatt
Blackberries and I Phones are both at hand
That pitch for Waitrose is worth at least twenty grand
She is at the top of her game
At this time in her life she is free from pain
Champagne socialism and Saturday brunch
Over to Vicky Park with Tabitha and Holly for Sunday lunch
Queen of Bethnal Green
The boy and she are living the noughties dream
Queen of Bethnal Green
Long may she and her court reign supreme?


Added: 12.04.2011

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author's name appears in text.


weaker lines (final and 'free from pain' one) spoilt this for me; this type of poem can't get away with 'lesser lines'; still enjoyed it!