Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Laura Nunez-Mulder

Art of today
Free of old-fashioned shackles
Rhyme and Metre.
Nothing to hold one back
Form undiluted creation
Just spill one's mind on paper in any order
to:                                muffle emotions
Words can build or dance or scream
Poetry                    is free                 to be                 (anything)

What of that which came before?
The poetry of olden days
A skill which is passed down no more
Replaced by modern, free-er ways.
A subtle hand could state its mind
And bind it in a lovely weave
A thread of thought alongside Rhyme
And Metre woven with belief.
This complex art, it take finesse
Which modern poets don't possess
Nowadays, emotions seem
Far too big to fit on the same page as
Rhyme and Metre                    something's changed.

The creators of today have more to express
Or have simply succumbed to laziness.

Added: 12.04.2011