Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Abayomi Efeturi,Ruth

African woman,Black woman,Beautiful woman.
Dark and lovely
Great Helpmeet
Great Supporter
Great Bulwark
Lovely Creature,
Beautiful Homemaker
Dark and lovely!
Your dark skin glitters and reflects like a mirror under the sun
Your skin that strong coat blessed by the Almighty God to take you through all odds unchanging!
Your dark lovely skin is blessed indeed
Never withering, always supple.

Beautiful mother, great bulwark.
Is any woman as strong as you are?
Cultivating fields of maize,cassava,groundnut, melon, yam, vegetables under the scourging sunut
with a baby in your bowel yet singing joyful song?
Strong woman of Africa!
walking a long distance from the farm with a child in your womb another strapped on your back and a basket full of yam tubers on your head
Courageous woman,
Great bulwark!

Beautiful cook,
How l love to eat those delicious meals spiced with our native spices:regeje, taiko,ere,uririen
all from your farm!
That make us lick  up our fingers over and over again!

My gaze is full of your songs
sung in high and fine spirit.
Garnished by your beautiful dance steps
Those graceful steps that befits a woman.
With your arms stretched out in a gentle up and down movement
Your waist wriggling a little to the right and left.
Wonderful dancer.

Beautiful Mother! Lovely Woman
From cradle to grave.
You shower us with your love and care
You do not send us away from home when we are 21 and not made!
Your courage gives us courage
Your laughter and tales of long ago encourages us and fill us with wisdom
No matter how old,we remain your babies and objects of your care.
Can we ever forget you?
Great Bulwark!

Added: 13.04.2011