Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Lien Cullinane

When I may rise, you may sleepI'll be your eyes, please rest in peace 
My day will wander as a prop to those night scenes I replay
the script we followed, the characters we played 

And though I dare not speak of this recurrence of mine, 
But so often it is that I touch, feel and converse with an image of you by my side 

Now a plot left untold, as spectators we linger in suspense,one scriptwrites the next passage, the other blindfolded to text 
And perhaps mistakenly I've interpretted the lines to the death but I've always listened, observed carefully and endeavored to speak true content

Derailed by a babylonian tower emerged from series gone by
please dont judge, its not you, maybe its me as i stand shadowed from the nourishing light rays a day projects 

For I now know that few natural elements of this earth does a life requirethe air we breathe,upon organisms we feeda love we thrust
A universal solvent that drifts and conspires against the polarity between us 

Among these, what maintains existence is abundant 
what flutters the heart can take a lifetime to find your eyes still shut, don't twist nor turn nor shudder
but please dream a dream you've been denied

Added: 13.04.2011