Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Point of Transit

by Tony Devlin

Point of Transit

His spirit went walking in those times
across Galilee, hoping for an epiphany
while back here, on tired autumnal afternoons
his body drifted, with the bleak and lonely
leaf fall, through the sad wasting
of numbered days
Later, in the captive lamps of Christmas
time, he pondered old mysteries and old
well-meaning deceits, while a warmth hummed
in the night sky, in a tracery of stars
where his spirit went climbing with a child’s
anticipation, carrying an old man’s hope
in the unrevealed and secret union
of many things
In the grey mucous days of winter’s ending
he waited, in a listless silence, while bare
trees and frosted paths lay empty, beyond his
diminishing reach, and again his spirit
went walking in those empty light filled hills
stood watchful in high places, while he pondered
his trust fall, resolving that, caught or uncaught
his soul would somehow waken, would
somehow learn to soar
And so it was, in the bright blaze
of Springtime, that he fell back with arms
extended, to dissolve in the churn and the surge
of a season’s birth, as he reached his point of transit
and left us, so weary at the end, so ready for
his time of repose, for his sleep in unthreatening
darkness, his wait at the end of all things
for the touch of a healing hand

Added: 14.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


Essentially beautiful. Sophisticated and confident use of language. Beautiful use of linguistic devices with a neat, tight structure.