Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Old Country Bungalow

by Janmejoy Gupta

A sleepless, lovelorn myna,
Stirs dawn’s first spark of light,
A round, eerie patio glows,
Like a lake on a moonlit night;
Faraway, an old Neem tree
Stoops with distended wisdom,
A poaching goat furtively mows,
Squash vines, wholesome;
Fallen jasmines shirk
In vain on dew laden soil,
Rose-apple-fruits crash,
In a sultry summer night’s toil;
Incessant, hale spiced monsoons
Kill a saffron marigold,
Sunset shadows bend on a sloping lawn,
Bemused eyes behold;
Halos, shades amid guava limbs,
One mistakes for a ghost,
Vivid sunflowers post
Coming of spring with boast;
April’s gusty winds
Rattle yards without reprieve,
Tuberose aroma flood the air,
A lone sparrow mumbles to the autumn eve;
This yard’s pane, the first window
In the life of the child in me,
Recalling assorted glimpses, and more,
Feel cozy again, and free.

Added: 14.04.2011