Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Power of Togetherness

by Nupur Gadkari

There is a union so precious and dear,
When you're able to face all without fear,
That's a mould that you sow within..
It holds an unexplainable power therein..
It brings the feeling that everything can be done..
A miracle it seems, where all can be won..
An sensation tough to elucidate in words..
But when you feel it, it can lash like several swords..
When man and woman are one in soul..
A circle so absolute and perfectly whole..
The power of which you can never destroy,
To counter every challenge you will pursue and try..
You experience a divine connection..
That finds a place within as if it’s tradition..
It’s like the shackles of love that can never be broken..
And a voice so loud that even the Gods can be woken..
It’s built on the foundation of candour and trust..
And then come what may, guard it you must,
For it’s that emotion that can break or make..
It makes you surmount the world for another’s sake..
If you have it, value it, for it’s the power of togetherness..
The epitome of companionship, it’s the strength of that sureness..
Don’t ever challenge the foundation..
For it’s the roots that build your love’s tree..
Treasure it, water it..and it will blossom..
For then it’s meant to be…
Forever meant to be…

Added: 15.04.2011