Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

A Rustic Scene

by Janmejoy Gupta

A babbling brook chides stone chimneys
Smoking into the blue in a rustic scene,
Rain-washed rainbow shades touching
The horizon in blue, red and green;
Lowing herds rejoice the coming of spring,
Robins recharged in redwood groves,
Dawn’s dew drenches lilac bushes,
A partridge guards newly made coves;
Blind, blithe breeze plays a charged bugle,
Among the graying beech trees,
The coffee-sky hints of daybreak,
Sulking stars end their lease;
Emerald moss quenched by the shower
Kisses the tipped boulder hill,
Whiff of thyme, white robed lilies,
Can never yet remain still;
A meandering meadow lined by rosemary
With dazzling daisies rimmed,
By a pensive pane, pastoral fineries
One reminisces with fervor undimmed.

Added: 15.04.2011