Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

I No Longer Dream of the Stars

by Adithya Kothandhapani

"And it's no more too dark,
No colour, no light - my eyes,
They may as well be yours."


Fighting those dragons all along,
The days, they seem so strange.
As the embers slowly blacken,
My ideas of life now change.

Seeing beauty as vivid noise,
I wonder if my fate is recent.
Lights jar the night I behold
As my mind replays an unfamiliar scent.

A form flits round the corner of my eye,
And the air shivers in an imaginary breeze.
Was that 'cause of a fluff or feather?
These birds, they ought to be on the trees.

Try as I may to sleep and forget
By slipping through a precious dream;
I don't remember how the stars shine,
And neither a story, rhyme or scheme.

Added: 16.04.2011