Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Who was the angel (that saved your life)?

by Paul James Thompson

Do you remember a day a long time ago? A day that started with birdsong
Do you remember, walking so alone..Smiling, enjoying the sun?
It was the first time in years You'd held back the tears..Since your truest dear love..Had gone 
Taken from this mortal world.And sent to a better place
His time had arrived much too early..The pain left etched upon your sweet face..Your lonely heart was ripped in two Your spirit torn asunder
Why had a cruel God extracted your soul..In a ripple of unforseen thunder? 
Too many nights you'd lost your crazed mind Too few nights you'd slept
The eyes in your tears  Showed kaleidoscopic fears..As you looked in the mirror..And wept 
As the weeks and months.. They rolled into years
Where you wrong to make the ultimate decision?His wonderful smile..
Would be gone..For a while..But his cold lips..Would be no more..For kissing 
When you buried your man.. The wind seemed to howl
Like Mother Nature had decided to grieve..You walked slowly, sobbing..
Away from the churchyard..Both lives over..Or an ethereal force..might have us believe ..As your loved ones helped your shaking body..Exit the scene
If only you had turned back to look..For there was something..someone else
Stood by the graveside..His sad eyes could have written a book
He stared at you with intensity..And then eerily called out your name..You heard nothing..But felt a shiver down your spine
Some sixth sense made you turn, your heart felt like it burned
And there was a split-second glow, so divine
In a heartbeat it was gone, but your smile had returned..It was a turning point in your life..You had to be strong.. As you had done no wrong
And had never been what he wanted..A wife..He wanted you so..Loved you more than you could know
He just never could say it out loud..He was your White Knight..
For whom he never had the chance to fight..For the woman of which he was so proud
The car crash he recalled..Twisting metal in slow motion..The corner he had taken too fast..He never knew you were with child..
You would tell him that night..He would also nail his colours to the mast..As he lay bloodied and dying..He regretted not tryingTo give you the ring he held tight in his hand..He knew not of the child
As the ring dropped, like his smile..And God shook his head..As the ring fell, in the sand..So, on that hot summer day..When you walked alone in the woodsDo you remember slipping..And feeling the thud in your head?
Do you recall that familiar glow of divine light..When you thought..Nay, you knew..You were dead?
Do you remember seeing such supernatural beauty..And feeling the pull of the serene after-life?
Do you remember your body giving up..But your courageous soul, still demanding..Your life?! If you think back really hard..In the labyrinth of your dreams
Your mind will have seen something surreal..Eyes laser blue..Looking deep into youIntense, unblinking..The power to heal
This Being that saved you..This alien arrival..This epitomy of sheer and pure love..Was a Captain of God's angels..An emissary of devotionOn a mission sent from Heaven above
Did you feel warm breath in your mouth?..A kiss on your sweet ruby lips?
Did you feel the touch of a tender phantom hand?..Did you witness the sheer phenomenon, of the love for a woman?Of a ghost, sent from God's holy land?
Now you lie sleeping, alone in your bed..Soft murmurs emit from your beautiful face
For next to you lies your tiny miracle..A babe borne of pure love
You feel....Such..amazing grace
In your dreams you feel safe..In waking hours you feel the same..And the reason is now clear to see..As your saviour is unmasked..Your guardian stares into your eyes..For you now know
That your angel....

Is me.

Added: 16.04.2011