Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

This Broken Life

by Zoe Rainford

How dare you make us love you
How dare you let us care
This person that we thought we knew was never really there
You walk away with head held high, into the life that only money can buy
And in doing so you leave behind a broken man
His life in ruin
Was it really all sham?
One thing is true and I’ll tell you this
The family that loved you, you will so miss
Unconditional love and memories are plenty
You've thrown them away, gone and recklessly spent them…
As I look around at all I thought I knew
I'm numb..I can't even think
The life we loved has gone for ever without a second blink
If only he hadn't asked you to be with him forever
At what point would we have known?
In a week, in a month or another year when you’d taken the job and left him all alone..
You had a family who loved you, friends ..a happy home
But still that wasn't enough
You wanted to be alone..
No thought for the people your hurting
No thought for the heart you were breaking..
Maybe it will cross your mind when you look out on from your office view
Over the bright lights of the city, fancy bars and restaurants too..
Before it's back to your empty house...just four walls..a TV ..and you…
You’ll have no one there to share it with, no furry friend climbing on your knee
You’ve thrown it all away to be this stranger you now want to be…
The heart you broke will be on the mend, surrounded by love and the strength of family and friends
We’ll pick up the pieces as best we can and we will rebuild that broken man
He won't ever be the same...
And that's your doing
Because YOU walked away
And left our lives in ruins….…

Added: 17.04.2011