Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Dogmas for a Poet

by Jörn Meyer

Don’t speak of owls or angel wings
Of little birds nor lovely butterflies
No rose or tulip pick along the way
All flowers, also daffodils, destroy
Else I’ll have to shower you
In my very vomit of disgust
(To wash off all your sins)
Don't fondle stars or moonlight with your lips
Leave leaves moved by the autumn wind alone
Never whisper skin and silk in just one breath
No countries paint where milk and honey flow
Else I’ll have to let you lie
In a puddle of your blood
(To drown your sorry soul)
Don’t let your tongue touch Tudor types and Tuscan hills
Let it twist Oliver nor other characters of dickey Charles
Don’t kiss the rainbow metaphorically or neither moist
Please promise to not even think of groom and bride
Else I’ll have to take you out
With my bloody heavy truck
(To the gravest of all yards)
In fact don’t go with anyone on any a bit decent honeymoon
Better spare that first night when it’s not sleazy or slightly sick
No noble horse shall spoil your piece unless it pisses pretty nice
Of course God save us from the royals only a queen of farts let off
Else I’ll have to put you up
High on some wooden cross
(To nail you down for good)
Last but not least, don’t commit the most obvious of any crime
Blast and a feast, yes, if you don’t start and try to talk in rhyme

Added: 17.04.2011