Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Jerome Krammes

Cool beats set against a dark arena.  I can feel passion and dirt mixed with sweat and tears to exalt everyone who opens their eyes.  I could scream ten-thousand times but they would all end up here.  The chaos void where I drift to free myself from this world of inferno.  In here all of my secrets are safe.  I couldn’t hide even if I wanted to, because I’m naked and covered with shards of crystal emanating from the hole that’s torn itself open in the sky.  Feathers for my blind side made of white soft light still heavy enough to weigh down a cross.  I could say don’t knock, but a knock always comes.  Faster than flight…more brilliant than summer.  I am engulfed by the wave I used to swim against.  I’m home.

Added: 18.04.2011