Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Pratik Chandarana

With a clumsy brain and a choking pen,
All philosophical, unlike most of the men;
Trying to figure it out, I thought more and more,
What Exactly Are We Headed For???
Some said be decent, be good at heart,
Believing in GOD is being smart;
Bound by the chains of the society and its rule,
They taught me there's nothing such as being cool.
I tried doing that and I have something to say,
It’s not my cup of tea, that’s not how I like to play;
Living that life makes me feel like a cheap whore,
Makes me wanna ask…What Exactly Are We Headed For???
Searching for something new, I met this group,
Room full of smoke n' songs of Snoop;
They lived in a different world; they make their own rules,
GOD for them was a paradise of fools.
I saw them become numb, every bit by bit,
What they called cool, seemed to me like bullshit;
I asked myself with a heart very sore,
What Exactly Are We Headed For???
Then I met the worst of all,
The ones who lived like a puppet or a doll;
Individuals they were just for the sake of it,
Wherever they were told they would go and fit.
Not knowing where to go, not knowing what to do,
Yet craving for life, like TITANIC's crew;
Is it a dense forest or a tranquil shore?
What Exactly Are We Headed For???
The more I think about it, it drives me nuts,
All you HYPOCRITE people...I hate your guts;
Pretending to be something that you are definitely not,
With all your fake "Sorrys" n' "Thanks A Lot".
Or maybe I am a jerk and I think a lot,
But guys...Have you ever given it a serious thought?
Who are we entertaining on this painful dance floor?
What Exactly Are We Headed For???

Added: 18.04.2011