Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Our Perfect Love

by Joel Arshad

Your beauty draws me into an unfamiliar and delightful world.
You're able to take me to a wonderland of darkness and sweet scent.
Your hair; dark as delicious chocolate.
Your face; shines like fresh apples.
Your lips; sweet as pure honey.
Your shoulders; gentle as crumbling cookies.
Your hands; soft as delicious honeydew melon. 
Your back; smooth as orange juice. 
Perfection has a name and it's yours.
My black beauty, my dearest darling, my fine lady, my love.
Our love is perfect, our love is perfect, our love is perfect. 

So come on lets go out. 
Let’s go out on the town and allow our love mock the fools.
They're nothing but a bunch of clowns.
Pimps, Whores, Crooks, Rapist, Molesters, Terrorists, Racists. 
Priests, Rappers, Scientists, Journalists. 
Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, Atheists, Agnostics. 
Bothers, Sister, Daughters, Sons, Mothers, Fathers. 
The innocent, the guilty, the sinners, the saints, the young, the old 
They're all roaming the streets, side by side.
So let’s kill them all.
With our axes and knives.
You know we can because we're blameless.
A night of killing will be ours.
Wipe the blood off our clothes.
In the clubs they’re clueless.
Oblivious to the fun we've just had.
Intoxicated, in the own worlds. 
Let’s just watch them for a while as they get mock by alcohol. 
Laugh at their stupidity.
These suckers don't have a clue there time on earth is about end.
Forget about the axes and knives, bring out your pistols and I'll get my revolver.
Let’s continue our enjoyable game.
Our love is here to stay without them.
People may find out about our undertaking.
But they won't judge us since there's no right or wrong any more.
We're free to do what makes us feel good.

Added: 19.04.2011