Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

I'll write my way to heaven

by Kathy Brown

I’ll write my way to heaven,
Of everything that steals my heart,
My pen will flow upon an endless page,
For writing is my art.

I’ll write of every moving minute,
Of splendour my eyes may see,
I’ll write of places that are places,
That mean something to me.

Perhaps I’ll write of marriage,
And I’ll write of each friendly face,
I’ll write of love and heartbreak,
And every passionate embrace.

I’ll document my rise and fall,
I'll write about failure and success,
I’ll write of every desire,
My mind wishes to suppress.

I’ll write of horror, shock and adrenaline,
Or anger when I’m in pain,
I’ll write of envy and distress,
I'll write when I'm insane.

And I will write until my last breath,
Until my creased hands show,
That I have spent my whole life writing,
Everything that I know.

I’ll write my way to heaven,
For writing scrawled upon my heart,
And fate bound all the pages,
Writing is my art.

Added: 20.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


A lot of hard end-rhymes here, but it's difficult to really feel the flow of the rhyme when each line varies in syllable so drastically.