Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Reflections at sunset

by Kieran Conrad

Private thoughts and memories dwell,
the happy ones make teardrops well
to stand and say goodbye for now
is hard to bear, because somehow.
A time has passed that’s now for good
I’d turn back time, for if I could
my heart and memory shall not sever
to say goodbye, your gone forever.
Just standing here seems so unreal
the emptiness in all I feel
I wish and pray, but all in vain
to think, we’ll never meet again.
Special things we shared us two
sunsets, laughter, skies so blue
still hear your giggles in the hall
and see that funny face you’d pull.
The tender way you’d hold my hand.
our sunset walks upon the sand
on windswept cliffs, your tight embrace
my tears of joy upon your face
All cuddled warm on winter nights
crackling coal fire, flickered lights
autumn leaves, that woodland lane
your laughter in the wind and rain.
The moonlight beams upon your hair
your deep respect, your love, your care
your tender kiss upon my cheek
past pangs of joy I’ll always keep.
I stand alone now that you’re gone
Two lives once shared, are now but one
through love and hate, that thinnest line
then back from hate to love sublime.
Two lives that shared both joy and spite
then passed like ships, within the night
our brief encounters long sunset
for now your gone, I can’t forget.
Still feel the wind, and hear the rain
in saddened joy, not hate or pain
Who knows, next life… may meet again.

Added: 20.04.2011