Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

News Of The World

by Ben Jones

Man in suit, reading news. Is he even real?
Snorting snout and smuggest smiles COMPASSION he’s yet to feel
The news he lists : many people dying,
Suicide bombers and bankers lying
Devastating drought, Boat people coming
Recession staying, knife crimes growing
He takes a breath “And now for more,
Two African nations have gone to war!”
He speaks of tolls ,That count the dead
He talks of millions, Whom have fled
Every night seems more insane
Prime time viewers sigh “What a shame…”
But its every night!!! Has nothing changed?
Oh wait! Here comes the stock exchange!
Figures up More Figures down
He states with confidence “bad all round!!!”
Last comes weather.. Wearing something wild
Strictly told to say: “Rain” or “slightly mild”.

Added: 20.04.2011