Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Watching Airplanes

by Travis Day

What is it that warms the soul?

Some say Jesus others might say a cup of Cocoa -

for me it’s watching airplanes.

I sit at the head of the bed and look out the window into that blue sky

It’s a mirror for the ocean and the clouds are waves swaying as the tide comes in.

I sit watching these over-sized jet engine birds flying with such ease.

My mind wanders in the clouds even as I walk down streets hearing the rolling rumbling sounds.

I often think where could this one be going? Hong Kong, Taiwan, or New Orleans.

Watching and seeing how they torpedo through the clouds captives me.
I watch the clouds changing their colours from orange to pink it’s like leaves in the fall with all the warm
shades on a palette of paint.   

An airplane slices through and gets enveloped by cotton candy and it warms my soul
to see such beauty and simplicity; to be aboard and encapsulated is breath-taking;
one of the most beautiful sights the human eye can eat.

When this world has tumbled into doom and grey, with stock markets crashing and governments being overthrown,
I’ll do my part and help out, say a prayer for those in need.

Then go to my room and look out the open window and watch airplanes fly past me.

Added: 20.04.2011