Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Me; Meet My Monkey.

by Simon Finnerty

There’s a monkey on ma’ back
And his smile is so hollow,
He whispers in ma’ ear
And he tells me where to go.
We’re a team.
Ma’ beard grows sunwards
And though it takes six weeks,
I curl it round ma’ ears
And I twine it with his cheeks.
We’re in love.
Ice cream kid where’s your flake?
I took it for ma’ belly space!
Laugh and roll in grass and sand
Jump over moon to outer space.
We are joy.
Staring through ma’ window
There’s a ball from over wall,
We pop and fresh our merriment
This monkey has I enthralled.
He’s the one.
My lips touch his electrically
And I ruffle with his hair,
I love him like myself
Because he loves me so tender.
Oh my days.
Though children call us nasty
There’s a love ‘tween you and I,
And I just can’t help ma’ smilin’
When you stroke ma’ inner thigh.
Oh my...
Time goes by and we both are grey
But when we trip the neighbour’s son,
Our teeth still chatter like gamblin’ dice
And we turn our back and run.
You better believe it!
In our bed as warm as death
Like Grim on holiday,
Sitting by the poolside
We slowly pass away.

Added: 21.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


The playful nature of this poem is very enjoyable to read. It rollicks along. I found the flake and boy jarred where you placed it though.


Some nice images, execution needs work though - feels rushed; take time to edit and rework. Rhyme scheme not really working/necessary.