Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Young Sparra' Legs

by Simon Finnerty

“Come on duck” his mother shook
Young Sparra’ Legs awake
Breakfast done and beds been made,
We wouldn’t want your back to cave.
“Oh mother B please leave me be
I’m not that babe you bore.
Years have passed and still I’m grassed fast within this nest alas!
Am I not a bird, free from care who’d dare to dare a task?
To fly away, be on my way
And be god pray, my own?”
“Your much too young and much too sweet
My dear, you’ve everything here!
I don’t see why, to see the world?
To me the choice is clear!”
“Oh mother sweet just shut your beak! The world I crave to see
To swoop and fly in rain and dry and be my own good man
To find a love, a crow! A dove!
A mate to share the sights
From your womb unto my tomb,
The world lies inbetween!”
And with that thought the world was sought.
His wings spread wide and clear...
Young Sparra’ Legs jumped off the ledge
And truth his wings did cave.
His wings were torn.
His mother mourned,
He saw the world,
Till he hit the floor.

Added: 21.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


do like this poem nice meaning that to remember to always spread your wings and fly xxx


I liked this one, the style and theme, maybe it could be longer?...