Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Ibiere Addey

Sapella, the hand that snatches at the bite of nature
A birth within writes ones future and tells the strength of all
Sapella different to all creatures as she views within
She recalls
To delights in one’s joke is the beginning of confidence
To look one in the eye of the mirror and admire one’s self is bliss
To acknowledge one’s self as intelligent when all thinks not is trust
To believe in one’s self as been spoken of is total faith
One must not think of themselves as dumb for created by the only wise God
The hands of an intelligent being sit at the pottery
Carves out of clay life termed as precious and most beautiful
Yet another that lacks the ability to create; slanders at creation
A resolution within arises and stirs up the wrath of Sapella
Howbeit that she stoops to conquer with such strength from inside
So the struggle for survival announces its entrance to the world
She laughs in sarcasm at great expectations seen ahead
The story untold to the mind of such smallness and foolishness
Intentions of the heart can only be revealed to minds alike
She lures the men to her bosom knowing the power she possesses
The kiss of a woman can be termed as a bite from the snake
Poisoning whosoever stands as an obstacle to her prey
She laughs but sweet bitter laugh like the drugs created by blues
Her perfume lingers on; mesmerising the minds of men with great word
They suck at her breast and disclose intimate secrets of the mind
Like a cat’s claws she gathers information with her resources and strikes back
Dashed against the border the men in her life experience life’s crash
A woman of substance with style and passion to destroy opponents
The past stares her in the face and reveals her nakedness to herself
Yet she sets a mark for herself; demarcating all else from herself
Sapella created in love buried by desire to rule
Copyright © 2001-2011

Added: 21.04.2011