Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Cost of being 'Me'

by Tanya McGarry

This is what it cost to look in the mirror & see 'me':
One broken heart,
One new start,
Dreams of one future shattered,
A loving home in tatters,
 A broken man upon a chair;
The one I thought would always be near,
A plea through tearful eyes,
As yet another part of me dies
A thousand tears
A million fears
All crashing down on me
Tears & hate & love & fate
All so confused right now
A shiny hope seems far away
But how?
So many friendships done & dusted
People i would have always trusted
The true face of a friend i now understand;
Honest, loyalty & compassion I demand.
See me, for who I am,
Not how I look in relation to your plan

Added: 23.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


rhyming is tricky to make work, it can feel a little juvenile unless very well done. Reading more poets would help your work.


Really honest and heartfelt. very sad to read, really perfectly written.