Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Scone with the Wind - A 'Greggs' Love Story

by Gavin Ellis

The air was filled with a smells of cookery
As I dragged myself into Greggs the Bakery
As I perused the shelves with filled baguettes
Fate was drawing us together like two fridge magnets
A relationship of love and emotional bruising
About to begin over lunchtime choosing
Of all the cakes, she was as sweet and tasty
As she handed out the batch baked pastries
In her sexy tabard and regulation catering hat
Elegantly asking 'Do you want a bag with that?'
Building up the courage to be bold and flirty
She spoke to me, ‘they are two for one pound thirty’
I wanted to tell her how I felt
As she handed me my sausage &  bean melt
How she was the focus of my lunch hour affection
From the extensive menu, she was my selection
That my passion and feelings for her were real
And not a bi-product of the value meal deal
I wanted to take her from apron, to pearls and mink
Not just to buy crisps and sandwich and get a free drink
I found myself staring, so great was the view
Then she spoke, ‘Er your holding up the queue’!
I realise I’m foolish and made an unsavoury mistake
So I turn and head out passed the fresh cream cakes
But as I turn to leave, she starts to follow me
She winks and says ‘here is my number and a cookie for free’
Her soft words deep filled my heart that was hollow
I will defiantly be returning for lunch tomorrow
I will be back in for breakfast, dinner and lunch
I leave Greggs having felt loves punch
I felt unable of love, my heart empty and chilling
But now it’s baked daily with a variety of fillings

Added: 26.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


I like the rhythm of this poem. It's a performance piece that doesn't take itself too seriously, and it's fun.


Great novel subject idea which cried out for rhythm and metre to match the wit contained within. Could have been so much better.


A highly amusing love balled whose wit and pace more than make up for sometimes careless rhythm and grammar.


This was a fun poem and a great concept. A little more work on the rhymes would have put it in my top four which it just missed.


Hillarious, fun!