Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Gandhi's Beautiful Mind

by Gabriel Esparza

Our nation the greatest... her citizens whom inhabit the falsest
Peace and non-violence collaborated in Gandhi’s mind until his arrest
Enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not his greed he professed
Green backs todays chronic admit it let’s be honest
Got us addicted… the thin line dotted separates the planet
It is an empty box of happiness, but my hand is signing for it
We all coexist on this planet, the elitist control the wealth but aren’t very generous
Insist the poor man to enlist in their wars, warily fight to support themselves
Talk of being courageous for our nation, talk of how we should be gracious
Not the first to state it life’s a tragedy were living; the sadness in faces as we dearly hold onto malice
Shakespeare did not produce this play of our lives; pen in my tote refuse to remain anonymous
From my mouth to your ears you’ll hear, some will disappear when problems appear
I will steer clear of those who doubted, from rooftops I shouted affiliated
With no corporation, influenced by no administration, articulated my odds calculated
I will reach the population, crafted my word until I delegated to whom it concerned
Live life until your hearts torn by adoration for inanimate objects until the world darkened
Relapse from our evil motives be free of traps set by advertisements
Chasing cars we will never reach, still blinded, to never see past allusions
Lead people out of their caves, away from their false sense of realities
Begin at the start recreate; rebuild to see the inner workings of our beautiful minds

Added: 26.04.2011