Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Stan Almendro

When the man in charge stumbles and falls
Stops all the laughter and happiness stalls
He fumbles and falters as each decision he goofs’
But declare that his weakness is only an OOPS!!!
When those all around him do the same thing
He lashes with his tongue to give them a sting
No pardon or mercy for all of his or her goofs'
He gives them no right to call it an OOPS!!!
He may be important in the position he holds
His merciless styles from a heart that is cold
The shouting and screaming as on them he swoops
But he carries on with his acceptable OOPS!!!
He climbs up the ladder of life’s’ success story
And grabs to himself the fame and the glory
But time will go on till this man with his goofs’
Will no longer be able to blame it on OOPS!!!

Added: 26.04.2011