Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

If Nick had been born Nicola

by peter nicol-harper

Thursday May 6th 2010

It was re-election time for the top job at Oxford University Union/
I'd always admired-respected-envied Gordon from afar/
So imagine how impressed-shocked-flattered I was /
When he bought me a Gin and Tonic/
He then said "Nicola this is my rival David"/
Mr Twinkley-Blue-Eyes purred/
"Call me Dave. Same again! Double?/
I squeaked "Yes please!"/
And before I could stop myself/
"Rivals for little ole moi?"/

Much later Gordon walked me home/
I surprised myself by nearly inviting him in/
Just as I staggered into bed there was a knock at the door/
At last I thought and flinging the door open grabbed him/
Except that it wasn't him it was the other one/
Armed with orange arum lilies, posh chocolate and Moet/
He warbled "Let's Party together...."

Added: 27.04.2011