Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

No Pas de Deux

by Carmen Katz

The lights are dim, she takes her cue
as the curtain opens for her debut
The crowd waits with eager eyes
A dance to them, but for her a disguise.
Her feet, her arms they show no strain
Her fervour, her passion, her escape from the pain.
With every step she glides through the beat
her only control within her feet
It is here on this dance floor she maintains her net
For it holds the memories of where they first met
Like an old music box that repeats the same tune
She continues the dance that will make the crowd swoon
A journey through music she takes them on,
Her confident swagger is just merely a con.
For she knows as they raise with hands that are clasped
Her exit approaches and the adoration will pass.
Back to her life of hurt and despair
the cold bed she lays in because he’s not there
From the magic of dance her front door is a divide
Now those feet less confident to step inside
The key to her home, turned with a hesitant heart,
her reluctance shows as she steps into the dark.
The lights are down, no centre stage cue
The curtains remained closed; this is no pas de deux

Added: 27.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


A very clever written work