Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

A Day by the Sea

by Jörn Meyer

We spend one weekend like a day by the sea,
young lovers, more or less, with our lives intact.
(She a graduate of philosophy, I a philosopher
of sorts). Her red-wine lips and natural beauty-
spot demeanour the hallmarks of my happiness.

An awkward airport-welcome soon washed
away on a wave of Electro and Merlot
Drunk we dance into her bedroom
where she turns into the Amazon
the promised land, the wild ocean
Her Latina blood floods river banks,
her perfect features drown the wonders
of the world, her nipples the colour of wet
driftwood, her skin so smooth and voluptuous,
a water snake: full of flesh a sea of flesh all flesh!

Sleep spills over our stranded bodies at dawn
We are castaways swept onto a paradise island
Morning is a drawn-out affair of bathing in bliss
In the afternoon we climb up to the lighthouse,
sail like two lovebirds into the Garden of Eden,
feed on fish with sea farers from far flung places
Then we run into the dark with drunken hearts
and roam the woods along the river, find refuge
in a Latin bar to dance embraced in passion and
melancholy and drift back with a fortune-teller
in tow

I kiss her beautiful black brows and body
But the night has claimed her back now
The next morning we loose and find God
and seal a bond with bodies and spirit
After noon the sun invites us back to
surf on a swell of rhyme and rhythm
A day by the sea, A day by the Sea
Only at dusk it dawns on us when we
measure the size of our thoughts that
we 're headed for the great depression:
We've paid full lip service hand-to-mouth

At night I touch her tip to toe one last time
I sprinkle oil onto her temple and sacrifice
her to the world. She leaves me with a song
imprinted A day by the sea, A day by the sea

Added: 27.04.2011

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Great escapism


GooD LucK:)