Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The echo of your words

by Markus Fraundorfer

The echo of your words
lingering in my mind
the distant whisper of your voice
floating in my thoughts
rhythmic tunes which only I can hear
melodic sounds dancing in the air
ringing and singing
lost and lonely … in my ears
my mind – a broken mirror
my memories – fragmented and split
my face – a shattered reflection
a face I cannot re-collect
eyes I cannot remember
thoughts I cannot grasp
with my memories fading
my own words are slipping away
leaving only an echo behind
a distant whisper
floating … lost and lonely … in my collapsing thoughts.

Added: 27.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


You don't know me and I may not win because I am a qualified writer, but not bad, better than so many others. Write on.


Simple and effective poem


Bit vague, not much imagery to hang on to.