Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Maria Preston

Ensnared gloom enclosed within,
Exiled from their source;
Spilling out in silence;
To glide along their course.
Sliding, snail-like, southward,
In a crevice carved before;
Sadly etched upon the skin,
Mutually joined by more.
Gaining pace as they passage;
A soothing, slithering wrath;
Protruding further as they slip,
Gently along their path.
Melancholy beckoned forth,
Reflecting faith to alter;
Be guided and escorted,
When they begin to falter.
Ripe, refracting, bulbous,
As they travel; changing form;
Approaching their own outburst,
No longer to adorn.
Incongruent, they can’t remain,
Upon from where they surged;
Effecting soon their transient track,
Evaporation urged.
Spent but not forgotten,
Long after they’ve passed by;
Will new pervade till no more left?
Do they ever truly dry?

Added: 27.04.2011