Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Stefan Ferrau

The end of something that was your all.
Brought you so far up, it’ll let you fall
down to Earth for you to plant your feet,
feel the rhythm, build your unique beat.
Elegant, yet to be so innocent,
heroic downfall of the ignorant.
You grasp, claw, scream at nothing…for naught.
The gravity of reality
drags you back to humanity’s rot.
Driving out all personality.
Heart stopping, racing, bursting in wait.
Scamming through ideas to change your fate,
failing to change a single mistake.
Reflecting upon the faults you make,
avoiding decisions you must take,
biting lip, in so becoming fake.
Speeding onwards towards your next break,
putting on hold a life you cannot shake.
Gasping for air, reliving memories,
shuddering, shivering, fantasies,
desperate struggle against madness,
fighting to avoid the meaningless.
Swollen, broken, and nothing matters.
Cries out within, as reason shatters.
Sincere and silent salutations
singing out life’s designations
for those you need or for those you bear,
whom you love or hate, or neither dare.
In this darkness you spot a lit crack,
to find happiness just turn, think back.

Added: 28.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


This has a sense of passionate despair, and a kind of grapple with the meaning of things. I like the use of 'you' rather than 'I'