Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Daniel Crate

Do you have any scar concealer
anything to make it less clearer
to hide these wounds 
that I carry each day
do you know?
have you a way?

Do you have any formal dress
a code that makes it less obvious
these scars are getting quite raw
it's ok when i’m behind the door 

In a ballroom, in tucks, bow tie
you can’t see me 
you can’t see me cry
when i’m dancing foxtrot, tango
you don’t know, you don’t know

Heard blind choirs serenade the stars 
touch the angles, stationary cars 
see the whale with its broken calf
see the laughs, see the laughs 

Tiny teachers, pace playground
no children, only hunting hounds
politicians try to say to much 
scars of war, scars too much

So start the cello, violins
backing choir will fill in
hold down the notes you’ve got to win 
cue the cellos violins

Happy mourners enter room
behind a bride and her groom
white wings of dove fall to roof
judges and jurors search for the truth 
judges and jurors search for the truth

Added: 28.04.2011