Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Little boy

by Santino charles Omoighe

I’m the little boy that sits in the corner, distant from reality
I have no one.......in fact I says to my self
 One day they will talk to me, One day they will notice me
People pass by and don't acknowledge my presence Like a weed ....unwanted.....to be gotten rid of
But I......Stick.....around saying to my self
One day they will talk to me, One day they will notice me
I used to believe that all pains could be healed, that all wounds can be sealed.
All tears could be wiped away, and when things Go they will be back to stay 
But that's foolish thinking, well in my mind anyway.
Things don’t just get better, Happiness is never here to stay 
I sit by my bed side and cry out my sorrows, Shout till my lungs pop and then sleep of the pain.
Then wake up and do it again and again and again, till the pain goes
But they never do so I do it some more 

The life of an unknown........ No one cares, like a runway mother....it’s like i was never there
Thinking to myself......." if I die tomorrow what do I have to show for”
My life is empty ....i
Feels nothing but resent........i
Has no friend to my name.....his social life tame, feeling like a lion without a mane
It’s a shame
Scrutinised by society
Laughed at for being different
So I take a knife to my neck crying out   "I am tired of being such a disappointment"
To cut myself and feel pain....... masochistic
To end my life and be rid of this ...........unrealistic
I have for myself....and really, to be free from this hell called society
What is the medicine for depression the cure for my sadness I don’t believe it’s talking because  I tried that and it’s not working 
What's my antidote, I Don't think its sharing, Because people don’t care they just sit there and stare
Thinking he is pathetic he has lost it.
And I can't deny I don’t want it
It being this pain and pain being this life. So if that's what's needed to be done then I think I found it 
It being death 
I am done with this world
Worst part, No one cares
I am done with this world...........Why should they.....after all 
It’s like I was never there.

Added: 28.04.2011