Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011


by Edmund Draycott

In a moment I began
Or so it seems to me
But time is quite illusory
Or so it seems to be
For I am told that
Time can warp
Around the moon and stars
And that temporal inevitability
Is laden with much ambiguity
But I know in my heart
What comes must pass
And time does pass
For me
And I am told
That there are many
Possible dimensions
Containing me
And I am merely
A feasible event
In an endless probability
But I know in my heart
That I am one
And time does pass
For me
In a moment I will end
I know not when
That moment will be
I contemplate not
The infinite darkness
Beyond the stars
Reclaiming me
But I know in my heart
That time will pass
And that time will pass
For me

Added: 28.04.2011

Judges' comments on this poem


VERY clever use of pacing and structure. Gave the feeling of the fragility of time throughout. Really enjoyed both substance and style!


Really enjoyed the conversational/thought-like motion of this piece. Right up my street!


I think this poem is brilliant. It relays complex ideas with beautiful simplicity.