Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

Isn't it twee

by Dawn Reeves

Isn’t it twee
Isn’t it twee, sipping tea, in sleepy suburbia.
With middle class mums bouncing Bailey and Bethany and Beatrice
idly chatting about nipple shields and soya milk
while babies starve in Africa.
Isn’t it twee, as happily, we stroll in floral wellingtons.
Admiring the array of birds, bees and bluebells
in the woods at the end of the avenue
while orphans lie in cots in Romania.
Isn’t it twee, how lazily, we sit watching the latest movie.
Pecking at sticky and sweet and salted popcorn till fit to burst,
with 3d glasses perched on nose
while children beg in India.
Isn’t it twee, how easily, we book our foreign holidays,
online – the worlds your oyster! to Kos and Crete and Croatia.
Sun cream and designer luggage at the ready
while women are trafficked in Eastern Europe.
Isn’t it twee, how casually, we get the latest hair do.
Laughing and joking with the senior, salon stylist,
about celeb, celebs and………celebs
while families grieve in Japan.
Isn’t it twee, how leisurely, I sit with laptop and glass of Chardonnay
typing this poem for you and yours and universe,
to peruse, analyse and review
while gang’s murder in London.
Isn’t it twee?

Added: 28.04.2011