Entry - MAG Poetry Prize 2011

The Crying Child

by Michelle Cooper

There are children out there that need to be rescued
Be in our arms, rock them to sleep catch their tears with a tissue
Abuse, Neglect no child should ever go through
I am sure we all wish we could do more, don’t you?
She would not want you to look over your shoulder
She would want you to wipe her tears and hold her, tell her it’s over
The beauty of a child is in the eyes of the beholder
He would want you to make sure all the other children are protected
Not abused, or even neglected
So many children have been affected
We cannot turn a blind eye; no more children’s life should be taken or infected
She would want you to save him and he would want you to rescue her
It’s really true and it’s only fair
That we show the children that we care
Cruelty to a child is in the eyes of the devil
If we can save one child, we can save several

Added: 29.04.2011